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About Me

Name:                  Milena König

Birthdate:            Juli 1993

Country:               Germany

Position:               Compositor

Skills:                     The Foundry NukeX,                                                                                                   The Pixel Farm PFTrack,                                                                                             Autodesk Maya,                                                                                                             Adobe InDesign,                                                                                                           Adobe Photoshop

Hello world, my Name ist Milena König. I`m born 1993 in the Black Forest in Germany. After my graduation from highschool I went into a social year and worked at a lokal kindergarden. 2014 I started my studies in the subject Media.Design&Production. During my studies I specialized in Compositing for featured films. I joined a lot of projects with green- screen work, 3D integration work and to expand my Nuke skills. Throughout my fist project, a 3D animation project called 2020, I also recieved a basic knowledge of 3D in general, the 3D workflow and Autodesk Maya.

I enjoy beeing part of a big team and work with a lot of different people, it also thought me to love a good, funktioning pipeline and strukture, especially as a Comper. I`ve been working as a freelancer in Compositing and as a freelancer in media design. I`m looking foreward to join bigger featured film projects and gain more experience and expand my Nuke skills. If you want to get in touch with me please write me a message  via LinkedIn, send me an email or fill in the contact formular on this website, I always look foreward to meet new people from the VFX industry.

Contact Me

If you want to get in touch with me you can click the Linkedin symbol to the right and connect with me on Linkedin, or fill in this formular and write me a message. 

I am happy to make new connections so feel free to leave me a message and don`t forget to fill in the capture to make sure your message will reach me.

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