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Schrotten is a german featured film produktion about two brothers who are in a dispute about their heritage. A lot of advertisement lettering removal and other retouching work was part in the movie compositing.

The short featured film Aquariummann is a Bachelor movie about a pour burglar who encounters a full CG snake during his break-in.

Lampion is a dedicated short thriller movie containing a lot of green screen work, CG element integration, full CG shots, tracking and hologram integration. The movie tells the story of a young man who got involved with the government and a hacker group.

From greenscreen keying to 3D robots, set extentions, CG city building and digital asset integration Duplik Jonas 7 is VFX loaded movie based on a novel. The thrilling story is about clones as a medical replacement storage for rich customers.

2020 is a SIFI full 3D animation movie made with Autodesk Maya. Cel shading defines the look of the movie. The story follows a girl in a desert-like end time, steampunk world trying to find trust and life. 

Oktober, a ten minuit short film, tells about every day scenery which ends in a dramatic CG suicide. Bluescreen work was a big part of the production.

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